What is SCRIP?
The term “Scrip” is used to describe gift cards and gift certificates that we purchases at a discount and sells at face value for a profit. The discount ranges from 2% up to 20%. Half the discount goes to the church, half the discount goes into your personal scrip account.

The Christmas season is fast approaching! Please keep the scrip program in mind when gift cards are needed or when doing your Christmas shopping. We carry many of the main retailers that are used by the faithful every week; but with some planning ahead, I can order scrip cards for retailers we may not carry on a regular basis. Please ask and we will try to accommodate your needs. Cards are sold prior to church starting in the fellowship hall.

***NEW*** Festival Foods has now been added to our program.

Remember the scrip program benefits the building fund. We also set aside 10% for the "neighbors in need" program. If you know of someone in need during this holiday season, please talk with Randy Koppenhaver.

Your support of this program is greatly appreciated!



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